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Who We Are

We are an online real estate platform that serves as a repository of rent related information and a portal for screening.
By adopting cutting-edge technology, we offer an unmatched service of screening and accessing tenants to help landlords protect their property and make informed rental decisions.


Core Values

Trust, Simplicity, Speed, Excellence, and Customer satisfaction are the main values behind what we do.



Our screening process generates a report which aggregates information obtained from different sources that gives a clearer picture of prospective tenants.



Our system prioritizes time in assessment and screenings. Our assessment begins immediately after you compute all the required information on our system. Your tenant report will be delivered to your mail in 5-7 days. You’ll be informed if there’ll be delay in your report delivery.



Leaving no stone unturned, we adopt all available tools to assess your tenant’s rent history and financial credibility. Our system provides ALL necessary information about your Tenant’s database to enable you make smart rental decisions.



Our process is quite simple for anyone: beginning with account setup for landlord and property managers or tenants, then property registration, down to tenant screening or tenant assessment. You can also edit uploaded information by following simple and clear messages on the platform.

Our Purpose

We exist to provide landlords a means to validate prospective tenant history and assess current tenants to uphold decorum.

Our Vision

Transparent and stressfree rental experience for everyone.

Our Mission

We provide accurate, highest quality, tenancy data using innovative technology based methods in a timely fashion to our clients.


What is RentSmart about?

We are a digital real estate platform that serves as a repository of rental information and source of tenancy related data that is useful to both private individuals and real estate organizations in making rental decisions.

What are the benefits of using RentSmart?

Accurate and up-to-date information
Fast and valid results
Easy-to-read report
Assess intending tenants before leasing property
Clear, in-depth information about 10 years tenant history to enable you make proper rent decision
Great and supportive customer care solutions
Your Entire Tenant Screening Solution in one place.

Can RentSmart screen tenants that are not registered on RentSmart?

Yes, You just have to fill in all the required information on the site. We suggest you fill in all the right information for a comprehensive report.

Where Does RentSmart Get Data From?

We acquire information from prospective tenants, their current landlords, relevant public and private database and RentSmart’s own repository.

Why does RentSmart need my personal information like date of birth, last five digits of NIN, etc

We need this data to create a unique profile for every individual on the Rentsmart platform. This will eliminate the possibility of duplication, ensure the integrity of the system, and enhance the accuracy of the generated reports.

Are my personal information safe?

Your personal information and all data on rentsmart are protected with the highest quality data protection service available in the industry. Furthermore, since only a portion of your NIN is in our system it is impossible to use it for any nefarious purpose.

Do I have to pay to sign up on RentSmart?

No sign up fee is required on RentSmart. You can easily create an account with us for FREE. You will only be required to pay for screening reports. There is no requirement for membership or annual fees either.

Who pays for the tenant screening service?

We recommend that Tenant screening should be part of the tenant application process to rent or lease your property. The fee for screening can be paid by either the prospective tenant or the landlord / property manager requesting the tenant screening.

What are the types of screening report available from RentSmart

The RentSmart system currently generates 3 types of screening report: Basic, Standard and Premium. A fourth type, the Uber screening report will soon be available. What differentiates one screening report from another is the amount of data captured in the report with the Basic report having the least and the Premium report having the most information. The Uber screening report will have the most detailed data when it is available on RentSmart.

How much is the tenant screening service?

Our fees depends on the type of report requested for:
Basic: #10,000
Standard: #30,000
Premium: #50,000
Uber: #100,000 (pending)

What types of payments do you accept?

We accept debit card, credit card, and bank to bank transfers

What is the turnaround time?

At RentSmart, we prioritize providing you quality service, which involves providing you only valid information. Hence, compilation of data may take some time but we strive to have the report ready in seven working days or less. We will inform you if your report will take significantly longer to generate.

Do you provide customer support?

Yes. We provide customer support for our clients through our web based customer support system including live chat and email.

Can Tenants dispute discrepancy on their report?

Yes, Tenants or landlord and property managers who believe there are discrepancies in their report should contact us directly for clarification.

Can I rent a property through RentSmart?

No, you cannot. RentSmart is a repository of tenancy-related information that can be used to make rent related decisions.


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